We are Amber and Iris from Key West's Finest! 

Iris, (Amber's Mom) started KWF over 20 years ago with a cute brochure geared toward helping the Key West Visitor navigate

KW Hotels and Attractions.  That cute little brochure grew into the best official guide to Key West with unsurpassed national and statewide distribution.

Amber came along and started to confuse Iris with her new world ideas such as apps and mobile, Google and Facebook, Twitter and video blogs! Amber was on the leading edge of video blogging in Key West and shot her first Youtube video at the grand opening of the Southernmost Hotel on the Beach, now called Southernmost Beach Resort.  Here's the link if you want to have a laugh! The audio doesn't even match the video but it's still pretty entertaining.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4rYagTSASI

Somewhere around 2009 Amber had this idea for a logo and social media sight called Conchfish.  The site she had build didn't really fit her vision so that was shelved.  We held on to the cute little Conchfish logo waiting for the right time and ideas and to launch it to the public.  After going through the long and arduous trademarking process, we presented it to the wide world of Key West in 2016!

We have had so much support from our Finest Facebook Fans.  This logo and identity is for you and Conchfish Pride is real! We know darn well that you may not be a Conch or a fish, a Freshwater Conch or a Parrothead but what we do know is that you have a love for Key West that normal people will never understand.  
So say it loud, say it proud... WE ARE CONCHFISH NATION!

Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook at Key West Finest and visit our web site www.keywestfinest.com for the best hotels and things to do in Key West!

We love you!

Amber DeBevec and Iris Levin